We Need Your Help with Articles While Promoting Your Business! 

We are planning to launch WheresMyjob.com this week! One feature we would like to include is an avenue for our customers to read and learn more about their industry. So we need your help in giving our users your knowledge about a certain subject. In turn, we will help promote your business by giving you a spotlight of your vocation and yourself in the article. This will also provide you back link credits to whatever site you want to promote.

By showing your experience in a certain subject, our readers can be a potential customer for you! Nothing shows confidence in your craft than explaining it to someone who would like to know more about a certain subject and how it works.

Our blog can be yet another avenue for your marketing strategy! Co-working with us can help self serve both our needs in providing our users another great resource tool as well as self promotion for your business.

First, Choose the Subject You Like to Write About.

Write about a certain technique, a how-to or anything that is industry-related. If you see a certain area that you excel in, such as burning screens for screen printing, go ahead and write an article to give us your knowledge. Don’t worry about selling your business or service. Your writing and experience will do that!

Focus on a subject you want to talk about. Try to keep the subject precise, like an action you do daily, something that almost feels second nature to you. We would advise you to break your content into small paragraphs to keep it easy to scan, especially for people reading on their phones. A great article is around 1200-1500 words!

Second, Proofread and Gather

Once you have written your article, please proofread and check your grammar. We will be more than happy to edit or proofread your article but we prefer not to make those changes for you. We don’t want to change too much of the integrity of your article if we don’t have to.

Make sure to send us any images, video links, or other additional information that you like; a small bio 3-4 sentence is really useful.

Let us know if there is room for us to edit or add an additional picture or videos to articles to give it any additional pizzazz.

Third, Send it to Us and We’ll Post it!

We add the article to our site asap and promote it using several of our social media platforms. If we find the article gains any major traction, we might add additional promotion avenues to give you a wider net of people who would be interested in reading your article.

Things to know:

  1. We are looking for original articles written by you.
  2. If you want us to use your articles that were already publish (on your site or another place), we prefer they change slightly. Google doesn’t appreciate duplication articles and will ding your site and ours for it.
  3. Your article should help the user and not be a commercial for you.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse an article if we feel its not right fit for this blog or infringe any major copyrights laws

Happy to help!

Please send us your info to [email protected]. If you have any questions or just need to reach out to us you can call us at 909-605-6887. We are here to help you if you need it.